Ghana Elections: NCA Urges Telcos to Ensure Excellent QoS

As Ghana prepares for its upcoming general elections scheduled for Wednesday, 7th December, the National Communications Authority (NCA) has urged the five active Mobile Network Operators in the country to ensure excellent quality of service for customers on Election Day since they shall be held to the strictest quality of service standards.

It also cautioned content providers on electronic communications networks to desist from creating or spread false information.

This was contained in a joint statement issued by the National Communications Authority (NCA) and the National Media Commission (NMC) to media responsibility in the run up to the 2016 general elections.

Although the statement did not mentioned whether the use of social media would be ban during elections day or not, it appealed to the citizenry to ensure the judicious and responsibly use of social media to promote peace during that critical period. Prior

Earlier, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) John Kudalor had threatened that he may be forced to go the Ugandan way if social media becomes a tool for misinformation on election day. His comments didn’t go down well with social media enthusiasts and other civil society organizations in the country hence an alternative way to access some social media platform on election day has been circulating on various social media platform till date should in case the chief security capo do the unthinkable by shutting down access to the digital space.

But information gathered from credible sources close to the National Communications Authority and the National Media Commission has revealed that there have been a series of deliberations among key stakeholders in the upcoming elections, and so far there has not been any decision to shut-down social media platforms during, and after the elections.

Source: Biztechafrica

MTN to Launch the First Sponsored Data Service in Ghana

Accra, November 28, 2016- MTN Ghana, the leading telecommunications service provider in Ghana, has announced it will be launching the first sponsored data service in Ghana in partnership with Datami and Viotech.

The sponsored data services will allow customers to use data services at the expense of a third party company. The service will enable companies to pay for data usage of customers who use specific content from the sponsoring company. This means that, customers will be able to access websites, browse, use applications, stream and enjoy content of the sponsoring company without data being deducted from the customer’s account.

Commenting on the service, the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana, Mr. Asher Yaqub Khan, said, “with a vision to lead the delivery of bold new digital world, MTN will continue to drive the digital agenda in the Ghanaian market. We are confident that this service will play a key role in helping individuals connect with businesses; it will also help them to access to more information at any given time. 

Mr. Khan added, “The launch of this innovative service will also enable our valued customers to experience MTN’s 4G LTE services. Sponsored data is an important new mobile marketing opportunity for businesses”.

Commenting on the launch of the service, the CEO of Datami, Harjot Saluja, said, “We are thrilled to be working with MTN and Viotech on this transformative service. Very soon, mobile customers in Ghana will be able use their favorite apps and services without worrying about the cost of the service”.

Daniel Abunu, Managing Director of Viotech said, “This is a first in West Africa, and we are thrilled to be partnering with one of the most innovative operators in Africa to bring the service to market. Sponsored data will increase digital inclusion in Ghana through unique marketing campaigns and promotions that allow people to access mobile content and apps free of data charges.

MTN sponsored data service will provide endless opportunities for the sponsoring companies. The service will give sponsoring organizations the opportunity to adopt innovative processes in their business operations.

MTN currently leads the data market with 49.25% market share, and more than nine million data subscribers as at April 2016.

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About Datami
Datami enables enhanced mobile engagement for brands while allowing operators to scale their mobile marketing business, and consumers to access and earn mobile data. By combining real-time customer data from operators and brands with an unparalleled range of network-aware mobile marketing solutions, the Datami OMS platform delivers sharp increases in click-thru rates and in-app daily active usage and conversion. Datami is able to reach more than 1.3 billion mobile customers globally and is rolling out service with leading mobile operators across six continents. Datami is privately held with investment from private investors and some of the largest mobile operator groups in the world.

About Viotech in Africa
Viotech is driven by the vision to increase digital inclusion in Africa. We achieve this by partnering with Mobile Network Operators to provide innovative Value Added solutions that increase consumer engagement and content consumption on mobile devices. We develop mobile marketing campaigns and provide real-time analytics, in-depth market insights and unparalleled targeting capabilities that enable Content Providers, App Developers, Brands and Enterprises reach specific groups of consumers. Viotech is privately held with investment from private investors. We plan to roll-out the service into other key markets in Africa.

Vodafone UK Launches Black Friday Promotion

Vodafone UK launched a Black Friday promotion during which customers get various deals on phones, tablets and accessories. From 25 November until 28 November, customers may save up to GBP 512 on pay monthly bundles as well as get super savings on pay as you go, mobile broadband and accessories.

For instance, the Huawei P9 is offered at GBP 30 up front and GBP 24 monthly and customers will receive 6GB of data with unlimited texts and minutes. Plus, customers who buy online can get a smartwatch worth GBP 238 included.

At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is offered at GBP 70 up front and GBP 24 monthly, the iPhone 5S at GBP 10 up front and GBP 24 per month, Sony Xperia XA at GBP 149 (down from GBP 225), LG K8 at GBP 25, down from GBP 75, and the Huawei P8 Lite at GBP 79, down from GBP 140. On top of that, the Beats Solo 2 headphones are available at GBP 120, down GBP 50, and the JBL T450 headphones are offered for 50 percent off at GBP 12.50.

Customers can also grab up to 25 percent off a dongle, data-only SIM or mobile Wi-Fi device and get online wherever they are. For the weekend, one can sign up for 15GB of data at GBP 15, 30GB at GBP 20 or 50GB at just GBP 25 a month on a 30-day contract.

Source: Telecompaper

Hackers Hit San Francisco Transport Systems

San Francisco’s transport agency has been hit by a hack attack which led to customers being able to travel for nothing. The hackers have made a ransom demand of 100 Bitcoin, which amounts to about $70,000 (£56,000; €66,000).

As a precaution, staff shut off all ticketing machines on the network. Computers across the city’s transport network, including at stations, were disabled with screens displaying a message from the attackers.

The message read: "You Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted. Contact For Key (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ID: 68, Enter”.

Yandex is a Russian internet company that, among other things, provides email and social networking tools.

The trains themselves were not affected - and city officials said a full investigation was underway.
'2,000 machines hacked'

"There has been no impact to the transit service, to our safety systems or to our customer's personal information,” a spokesman told the BBC.

"The incident remains under investigation, so it wouldn't be appropriate to provide any additional details at this point."

The Municipal Transportation Agency - known as Muni - looks after trains, trams and buses around the city, including San Francisco's iconic cable cars.
On Sunday, ticketing machines were back up - but it was not clear if the hack had been contained.

San Francisco news site Hoodline told the BBC the hacker had provided a list of machines he or she claimed to have infected in Muni's network - more than 2,000 in total.

It appeared to include many employee terminals as well as machines that may be used to look after payroll and employees’ personal information.

The hacker told Hoodline on Sunday that Muni had “one more day” to make a deal.

Source: BBC