Accra, September 19, 2016. The attention of MTN Ghana has been drawn to a message being circulated on various social media platforms regarding a supposed caution from MTN to customers about the activities of some hackers of the Mobile Money service.

MTN wishes to state that the purported message is a scam and the details provided are false.
MTN Mobile Money platform has the highest security standards. Customer wallets are protected with the use of the PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN) and under no circumstance will a transaction be done on a wallet without the customer's PIN.

MTN Mobile Money service has gone through international review and has been certified with ISO 27001:2013 which means the platform meets International Security Standards.

Any subscriber who dials the *117# USSD short code stated in the message will not receive any response because the short code is not valid.   Additionally, the subscriber's PIN number cannot be captured by a third party simply because the subscriber dialed *117#.

The message is purported to have been signed by one Hussein Seidu. The said Hussein Seidu is not a staff of MTN.

All MTN official statements are issued by the Corporate Services Division.

MTN is therefore cautioning the public to disregard the said message. Subscribers are also being advised to refrain from responding to fraudsters, some of whom pass themselves off as staff of MTN to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.  Customers should also note that calls genuinely originating from MTN are made from MTN’s official line ‎0244300000. 

All Mobile Money customers are assured that their transactions are safe, secured so long as they do not expose their PIN.

Media Contact:
Cynthia Lumor (Mrs.)
Tel: ‎024 4300 000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tigo Cash Allows Customers to Buy Airtime For Friends And Families Overseas

Tigo Cash has launched yet another innovation which allows customers to buy international airtime for friends and families in Ghana and overseas.

With effect from September 13, 2016, all Tigo cash customers can purchase airtime for subscribers in over 100 countries across the world including the UK, US, China, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Togo, Canada and United Arab Emirates among others.

Additionally, Tigo customers on roaming can also purchase airtime for themselves and other international networks at no extra cost.

Speaking at a media briefing in Accra, the Chief Commercial Officer for Tigo, Tara Squire, said: “We are always at the forefront of financial inclusion in the country, and we are very excited that this service will make it easy for customers to buy airtime for their family and friends overseas and access their Tigo Cash wallets outside the borders of Ghana.”

“There is no doubt that Tigo Cash offers the best Mobile Financial Services solution in Ghana and we will continue to focus on financial inclusion reaching out particularly to those in the informal sectors and rural Ghana,” he said.

Source: Biztechafrica

Nokia Shows Signs of Virtual Progress

As the big network players edge incrementally closer to offering something that can reasonably, with a straight face, be described as 5G, Nokia has given an old launch a new airing.

AirScale was first unveiled back at MWC in February with heavy use of the already hackneyed term ‘pre-5G’. The cliché had evolved to ‘5G-ready’ by the summer, with Nokia claiming the first such network and moving its buzzword crosshairs towards ‘cloud’. As recently as last week Nokia was banging on about ‘5G acceleration services’, but this is clearly no time for complacency.

The latest increment of progress is an extension of AirScale to make it even more cloudy, which is saying something as it was pretty damn cloudy to start with. As ever with virtualization the result of this new, overcast character is scalability, agility and countless other virtues ending in ‘ility’.

“The journey to 5G can be smoothed by choosing the right technology path,” revealed Frank Weyerich, head of Mobile Networks Products at Nokia. “With 4.5G Pro and cloud-based radio access networks, operators can leverage scalability and flexibility as they start to provide 5G-like use cases on top of LTE, taking user experience to the next level.

“Also, with prime examples such as the launch of the first true cloud-based RNC and the expansion of our AirScale radios and services portfolio, we are showing that Nokia is leading in this space, enabling customers to evolve in the most cost-effective and timely way.”

“We were impressed with the performance of this new virtualized RNC product in the key capabilities tested, in particular its ability to scale capacity to fulfil traffic demand, which will satisfy the future needs of our 3Gnetworks,” acquiesced Arnaud Vamparys, VP Radio Networks and Microwaves at Orange Group. “Based on what we’ve seen this product will perfectly fit in our global mobile access evolution towards virtualization.”

Hold on, 3G? That’s from, like, 20 years ago. You need to get with the programme Arnaud, all the cool kids are talking about 5G these days. Maybe it was a typo.

SK Telecom seems a bit more up to speed, so much so that it has already implemented a software-defined RAN (SDRAN) in partnership with Nokia. This means the traditional base station functions are virtualized and sit on a regular server, enabling all the aforementioned -ilities.

“This is a major milestone for Nokia; together with SK Telecom, we have for the first time implemented our AirScale Cloud RAN technology in a commercial network,” crowed Weyerich. “We are paving the way towards 5G, and cloud-based radio networks delivering the scalability and flexibility required to allow operators such as SK Telecom to meet the future data demands of customers, enabling new levels of user experience at minimal cost and maximum operational efficiency.”

“Network innovation through convergence of telecommunication and IT is an urgent task to deal with explosive growth of data traffic,” obliged Park Jin-hyo, Head of Network R&D Center at SK Telecom. “SK Telecom will continue to develop innovative technologies like SDRAN to lead the evolution toward next-generation network.”

Some stuff has definitely happened, and everyone seems to agree it was stuff that needed to happen if the big stuff is going to happen. Great start to the week guys. Here’s a diagram of all the 5G/cloud stuff Nokia has on the go right now.

Subscribers Receive First Tranche Of Interest On MoMo Wallet in Ghana ratified

Mobile Money (MoMo) wallet holders currently with the four (4) Mobile Network companies operating Mobile Money services in the country have received notifications on their phones with regards to the payment of the first tranche of interest on their mobile wallet.

Thanks to the new Bank of Ghana’s Dedicated Electronic Money Issuers (DEMI) Guidelines. This allows banks to pay interest on cash flow from the mobile money platforms to the network operators, who in turn also pay out 80% of that interest to their mobile money customers. The guideline approves an interest level of between 1.5 per cent and 7 per cent to be paid on a wallet.

Most subscribers and agents contacted by Biztechafrica in Ghana‘s capital city, Accra confirmed the notification and payment of a certain amount of interest on their respective wallets.

Jibril Madaha a Mobile Money subscriber said: “I received a text notification from MTN telling me that I have earned 0.3 GHS from MTN Mobile Money as interest earned on my mobile wallet for period January 2016 to March 2016.”

Another Mobile Money subscriber, Naana Akua Sarpomaa, who also received similar text messages, expressed excitement at this development and said it is worth it keeping her money now on her wallet for any transaction since at the end of the day, she is going to earn some interest.

Obeng Asare, a Mobile Money agent operating around the Danquah circle area in Osu, Accra, said he believed that the implementation of the new BoG directive to pay interest on MoMo wallets is the step in the right direction. He said it would go a long way to encourage everyone to get onto the mobile money platform and that will also help create more jobs for the country’s teeming unemployed graduates.

It could be recalled that the Central Bank before the first week in September this year authorized telecommunications companies operating e-cash services on their platform to pay interest to their respective customers. According to central bank, interest earned during the first quarter (January to March) of 2016 must be paid on 11th September 2016, while interest for the second quarter (April to June) is paid on 18th September 2016. Interest distribution for quarters three and four will be communicated to customers in due course.

This development was hailed as good news and a big boost to electronic wallet transaction in the country by operators. The General Manager for MTN’s Mobile Financial Services, Mr. Eli Hini in a statement released in Accra has welcomed the call by the central bank and revealed how excited his outfit is about the move. “We are extremely excited that the Bank of Ghana has finally approved the payment of accrued interest on mobile money e-cash, MTN Ghana is committed to implementing innovative projects to bring about improvement in the lives of all Ghanaians," he said.

"This new development in the mobile money sector is a major breakthrough that will enhance the value proposition of MTN Mobile Money Service. It will also enable us to foster better collaboration with partner banks that will lead to developing additional innovative products for the enhancement of the mobile financial sector in Ghana," he added.

The Chief Executive Officer for Tigo Ghana, Ms. Roshi Motman, also applauded the new directive from the central bank and noted that it is the next step in the evolution of mobile money. “We are really excited to be announcing interest payments to our customers in Ghana. We have championed this before in other countries and have a lot of experience in interest distribution and payments. This is the next step in the evolution of mobile money.”

She added that Tigo would continue to leverage on technology to provide a world class financial service to Ghanaians especially the unbanked. To this end Tigo Cash is investing in building a resilient platform and also enhancing its products.

Recently the International Monetary Fund (IMF) IMF‘s Regional Economic Outlook on Sub Saharan Africa Report released in April 2016, dubbed Time for a Policy Reset noted under the heading Supporting Financial Development and Inclusion Through Mobile Money Payment and Banking Services the surge in mobile money in many sub-Sahara African countries and attributed the rapid increase to low transaction costs, growing innovations, and a strong increase in mobile phone subscriptions. It said that in 2014, the share of the population holding mobile bank accounts reached 11 percent in sub-Saharan Africa, almost twice as many in any other regions.

But the report also identified other factors that could impede the development of mobile financial services and it mentioned high costs of using electronic payment, especially for smaller transactions, a policy framework that requires intermediation via banks, and the lack of interoperability between providers.

Source: Biztechafrica